Custom 個性化Full Print Backpack

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Our fully customizable backpack uses heavyweight 12 oz top quality cotton/polyester blended canvas fabric which allows you to print your own designs from the back to front. Padded shoulder straps are adjustable to ensure comfort and functionality.

  • Measures: 16.5"h x 12"w.
  • Non-fading and non-toxic
  • Heavyweight canvas material
  • Adjustable straps
  • Machine washable

  • Please note that due to the limited printing area, patterns used on the straps may be trimmed. In addition, photos and text are also not recommended for this area.

    最佳圖像尺寸(寬度 * 高度) :
    Back Strap Left(Center) : 872 x 2329或更高
    Front Pocket Top(Center) : 2126 x 648或更高
    Inside Liner(Center) : 2136 x 225或更高
    Back Strap Right(Center) : 872 x 2326或更高
    Outside Liner(Center) : 2135 x 459或更高
    Front Pocket Bottom(Center) : 2132 x 649或更高
    Front(Center) : 2490 x 3186或更高
    Front Pocket(Center) : 2325 x 1182或更高
    Bottom(Center) : 766 x 1626或更高
    Back(Center) : 2490 x 3186或更高
    Front Pocket Cover(Center) : 2135 x 643或更高
    Available Size: One Size


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